No matter where you look at it, bad credit is a disadvantage in every way. If you have a bad credit score, it will be a struggle to get approved for a mobile phone contact, for instance. Because you pose higher risks, most lenders will most likely reject your application. If this happens, it doesn’t mean you should stop trying. You can try the following tricks to make sure you get approved for a phone contract regardless of your credit score.

Consider a SIM-only deal

When you have a bad credit score to consider, sticking with a Sim-only deal for the moment makes a lot of sense. With a Sim-only deal, you only get a Sim card as part of the contract plan. There’s no handset in the equation hence the cheaper monthly fee. When your monthly fee is cheap, your carrier is likely to approve your application because the risks are little to none on their end even if you have a poor credit history. For the best Sim-only deals, exciting options are available to view here.


Choose a cheaper handset

If you need a handset to be part of the package then you can move forward with the application but only if you pick a cheaper handset instead of the latest high-end phones available in the market today. When you opt for a cheaper handset, it will also lower the monthly fee thereby decreasing the risks on your carrier’s end. If you really want to get phone contract application approved fast, you’d settle for a cheaper handset for now and just upgrade it later on.

Offer to pay the upfront fee

Another tried and tested way to lower the risks on your carrier’s end and increase your chances for approval is to pay an upfront fee. You should offer to pay not only the upfront fee required but more if you can. If you offer to pay a larger upfront fee, you’ll lower the monthly fee and increase your approval chances in return. This option, however, is ideal if you have sufficient cash to pay for the upfront fee.

Negotiate with a guarantor

If the aforementioned tricks won’t work, you can try to negotiate with your phone contract provider by bringing a guarantor into the picture. With a guarantor willing to co-sign the contract agreement with you, the risks are completely eliminated from your provider’s end. Even if you cannot pay for your monthly bill, your carrier has your guarantor to go after for payments. Either way, the carrier wins.

Check out bad credit mobile phones

If all else fails, this is where alternatives such as bad credit mobile phones come handy. Rather than get rejected by major carriers for a standard contract phone deal, you can apply for a bad credit phone deal instead. These deals are specific for mobile users with bad credit. Even if you’ve been rejected elsewhere, you’re 99% to get approved with a bad credit deal where you also get a handset and a phone tariff combo.



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Considering that our phones are more or less an extension of ourselves, accessories have become a quintessential aspect of our lives. We have grown to be over protective of our phones to an extent whereby someone glancing at them without an express approval from us is an affront to our personality. Mobile phone accessories serve to convenience us, make our phones look attractive as well as enhance the performance of our phones. Apart from that, mobile phone accessories also help us to get the most out of our phones. With iPhone 6 being the must have Smartphone in the market, you probably have grappled with the question of what accessories you should buy for your little piece of technological wonder. Below are a couple of accessories you can buy for your iPhone 6 Smartphone.

Olloclip’s 4 in 1 lens

If you own the magnificent iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, you definitely are conversant with the fact that there are few iPhone 6 camera accessories out there. Olloclip Company has been churning amazing camera lens over the years and there latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus camera lens allows you to take fisheye shots, macro shots as well as wide angle shots. What’s more? Apart from Olloclip’s camera lens being affordable, they also work perfectly with both the rear and front cameras of your iPhone.

mPact extreme glass protector

Can you imagine your expensive iPhone 6 spotting scratches? Are you seeking for ways through which you can protect your iPhone from scratches? If yes, then the mobile phone accessory that you need is the mPact extreme glass protector which will ensure that your iPhone does not suffer any scratches. It is not only easy to install but also very affordable.

2 meter long lightning cable from Apple

Mobile phones are addictive and we find ourselves glancing at them every passing minute. There are some who are always on twitter, watching videos online or even on Facebook and therefore find themselves charging the phone more often than not. However, the challenge is when at night your charging cable is not long enough to charge your phone while you are in bed assuming that the charger plugin is where the bed lump is situated which maybe more than a meter long. The Apple 2 meter long lighting cable is all you need if you’ve been struggling with a charging cable that is short. If that is not sufficient, you can always go for a 10 meter cable which is also certified and available in the market.

iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus leather case

Though slightly expensive, the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus leather case is a must have accessory for your Smartphone. The leather case fits your iPhone6/plus perfectly and is also durable enough hence you don’t really need to worry about the cost.

Mophy’s juice pack

If you use your phone more often, then you probably have encountered low battery warnings more than once in a day. If that’s the case, Morphy’s juice pack is the mobile phone accessory you need to keep your piece of technological wonder fully charged at any given time. Morphy juice pack is essentially a case that contains a lightning connector essential in additional power to your iPhone.

iPhone 6 accessories

Samsung galaxy s6 is a piece of technological wonder, a Smartphone with amazing features and one that has announced the future of mobile technology. Its launch was greeted with pomp and fan fare and its features were the talk in the mobile phone industry. People were torn between going for iPhone 6 or going for Samsung galaxy 6. At the end of the day, the choice between the two boiled down to personal tastes and preferences. What is undeniable is that owning the latest Samsung galaxy s6 Smartphone without the required gadgets or accessories is an exercise in futility. Mobile phone accessories bring out the best in our phones and ensure that we preserve and prolong their lives. So what are some of the best mobile phone accessories you can get for your Samsung galaxy s6?

Samsung 2A micro USB charger

Unlike the conventional charger, the Samsung 2A car charger with 2.0 technology promises a 75% charging speed increment. The 5 feet micro USB cable as well as the Samsung charging adapter spot an amazing brilliant white color and are instrumental in working seamlessly with your piece of technological wonder. It’s a must have mobile phone accessory especially if you are always travelling or your work requires that you be on the road most of the time.

Samsung wireless charging vehicle dock

If you own Samsung galaxy s6, you will concur with me that wireless charging is one of the best inventions in recent years. While it’s a great commodity for your office or home office, you can also transfer the same convenience to your car. The Samsung wireless charging vehicle dock ensures that you bring the same convenience you enjoy at home or in the office to your car. The wireless charger which comes with its own car charging adaptor and USB cable can be easily mounted to your car dashboard or windshield without having to deal with the mess of a number of cables.

Spigen crystal HD screen protector

If you are like most other people, then you definitely value the well being of your phone. Scratches are a nasty sight and that is why you need a glass protector to protect your Samsung galaxy s6. If you are looking for a screen protector for your android, spigen’s crystal HD screen protector is the perfect choice especially if you are looking for a screen protector with 2 front protectors. The amazing thing about the spigen’s crystal screen protector is that it doesn’t interfere with galaxy s6 touch screen capabilities and also comes with a 3H hardness rating.


Samsung wireless charging pad

This particular Samsung galaxy accessory is a must have for everyone that owns this magnificent piece of technology. This galaxy s6 wireless charger comes with a charging LED responsible for notifying you if the battery is running low as well as a 2A micro USB charger used for plugging into the pad. If that’s not enough, the wireless charger is compatible with any other device that is Qi compatible!

There are indeed so many galaxy s6 accessories you can buy and make the use of your Smartphone wonderful. The aforementioned are just a few you should never miss!

Samsung Galaxy

When I first owned a mobile phone, smartphones were just but a distant dream. At the time, we never thought that there would come a time when we would have phones without buttons or simply touch on the screen to accomplish any task we wanted. We were excited by the rather basic functions of sending text messages, making phone calls as well as listening to music on music player. At the time, the number of mobile phone accessories were very few. All we needed at the time were chargers, headphones, phone cases and even batteries. Simply put, there was nothing I looked forward to in terms of mobile phone accessories.

Fast forward to today when smartphones have become the in thing and I can’t help but be awed at the strides that have been made in the mobile phone industry. Smartphones have great abilities as compared to the basic functions we were used to back then. With a Smartphone, you can do voice recognition, manage devices within your home, transfer files with ease, shop and purchase things online with ease and everything in between you can think of.

At this time in moment, mobile phone accessories have become more essential than they were back in the days.
The basic functionality phones of yester years are a far cry to the strides that smartphones have made in this time and age. You can now video call using your mobile phone, charge your phone wirelessly without plugging it, send instant messages, install apps, seek for directions using your phone, talk on your phone without physically touching it, socialize and interact online just to mention but a few. As to whether mobile phone accessories are necessary, I say without any fear of contradiction that they are instrumental. For starters, with a data cable, you can easily and seamlessly transfer files, audio and video files as well as any other kind of data between your phone and personal computer.
With a wireless charger, you don’t need to plug your phone on the wall but can continue using it while it charges wirelessly at home or while you are on the road. Headphones make it easy for you to listen to your favorite songs or favorite radio stations without putting your phone on loud speaker. Hands free car kit make it possible for you to talk on your phone while you drive without any difficulties. If you are like me who likes the phone to look appealing and scratch free, then leather cases and HD screen glass protectors are the way to go. Needless to say, the mobile phone accessories industry is a multi billion industry.
All you need to do is walk along the streets and you won’t fail to spot people with various mobile phone accessories in tandem with their tastes and preferences. Personally, the top most reason as to why I love leather cases and glass protector accessories for my Smartphone is because it serves to keep it safe. Should my phone drop down, I am contented that the impact would not be as bad as it would if my phone didn’t have a leather case.


Mobile phone accessories also serve to prolong the life span of my Smartphone while at the same improving its performance for me. If you were wondering whether mobile phone accessories were essential or not, there you have it!

Mobile Phone Accessories