No matter where you look at it, bad credit is a disadvantage in every way. If you have a bad credit score, it will be a struggle to get approved for a mobile phone contact, for instance. Because you pose higher risks, most lenders will most likely reject your application. If this happens, it doesn’t mean you should stop trying. You can try the following tricks to make sure you get approved for a phone contract regardless of your credit score.

Consider a SIM-only deal

When you have a bad credit score to consider, sticking with a Sim-only deal for the moment makes a lot of sense. With a Sim-only deal, you only get a Sim card as part of the contract plan. There’s no handset in the equation hence the cheaper monthly fee. When your monthly fee is cheap, your carrier is likely to approve your application because the risks are little to none on their end even if you have a poor credit history. For the best Sim-only deals, exciting options are available to view here.


Choose a cheaper handset

If you need a handset to be part of the package then you can move forward with the application but only if you pick a cheaper handset instead of the latest high-end phones available in the market today. When you opt for a cheaper handset, it will also lower the monthly fee thereby decreasing the risks on your carrier’s end. If you really want to get phone contract application approved fast, you’d settle for a cheaper handset for now and just upgrade it later on.

Offer to pay the upfront fee

Another tried and tested way to lower the risks on your carrier’s end and increase your chances for approval is to pay an upfront fee. You should offer to pay not only the upfront fee required but more if you can. If you offer to pay a larger upfront fee, you’ll lower the monthly fee and increase your approval chances in return. This option, however, is ideal if you have sufficient cash to pay for the upfront fee.

Negotiate with a guarantor

If the aforementioned tricks won’t work, you can try to negotiate with your phone contract provider by bringing a guarantor into the picture. With a guarantor willing to co-sign the contract agreement with you, the risks are completely eliminated from your provider’s end. Even if you cannot pay for your monthly bill, your carrier has your guarantor to go after for payments. Either way, the carrier wins.

Check out bad credit mobile phones

If all else fails, this is where alternatives such as bad credit mobile phones come handy. Rather than get rejected by major carriers for a standard contract phone deal, you can apply for a bad credit phone deal instead. These deals are specific for mobile users with bad credit. Even if you’ve been rejected elsewhere, you’re 99% to get approved with a bad credit deal where you also get a handset and a phone tariff combo.



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