Considering that our phones are more or less an extension of ourselves, accessories have become a quintessential aspect of our lives. We have grown to be over protective of our phones to an extent whereby someone glancing at them without an express approval from us is an affront to our personality. Mobile phone accessories serve to convenience us, make our phones look attractive as well as enhance the performance of our phones. Apart from that, mobile phone accessories also help us to get the most out of our phones. With iPhone 6 being the must have Smartphone in the market, you probably have grappled with the question of what accessories you should buy for your little piece of technological wonder. Below are a couple of accessories you can buy for your iPhone 6 Smartphone.

Olloclip’s 4 in 1 lens

If you own the magnificent iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus, you definitely are conversant with the fact that there are few iPhone 6 camera accessories out there. Olloclip Company has been churning amazing camera lens over the years and there latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus camera lens allows you to take fisheye shots, macro shots as well as wide angle shots. What’s more? Apart from Olloclip’s camera lens being affordable, they also work perfectly with both the rear and front cameras of your iPhone.

mPact extreme glass protector

Can you imagine your expensive iPhone 6 spotting scratches? Are you seeking for ways through which you can protect your iPhone from scratches? If yes, then the mobile phone accessory that you need is the mPact extreme glass protector which will ensure that your iPhone does not suffer any scratches. It is not only easy to install but also very affordable.

2 meter long lightning cable from Apple

Mobile phones are addictive and we find ourselves glancing at them every passing minute. There are some who are always on twitter, watching videos online or even on Facebook and therefore find themselves charging the phone more often than not. However, the challenge is when at night your charging cable is not long enough to charge your phone while you are in bed assuming that the charger plugin is where the bed lump is situated which maybe more than a meter long. The Apple 2 meter long lighting cable is all you need if you’ve been struggling with a charging cable that is short. If that is not sufficient, you can always go for a 10 meter cable which is also certified and available in the market.

iPhone 6/iPhone 6 plus leather case

Though slightly expensive, the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus leather case is a must have accessory for your Smartphone. The leather case fits your iPhone6/plus perfectly and is also durable enough hence you don’t really need to worry about the cost.

Mophy’s juice pack

If you use your phone more often, then you probably have encountered low battery warnings more than once in a day. If that’s the case, Morphy’s juice pack is the mobile phone accessory you need to keep your piece of technological wonder fully charged at any given time. Morphy juice pack is essentially a case that contains a lightning connector essential in additional power to your iPhone.

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